10 Creative rebrand & updated website

Having done the branding for loads of brilliant clients, and growing in size as a team, we decided that it was time for us to turn the tables on ourselves and have a go at updating the 10 Creative brand: reassessing who we are, why we exist, and how we define ourselves. To achieve this, we put ourselves through our own process and, thankfully, it turns out doing it for yourself is rather good fun. Phew!

Brand strategy

As we do for all our clients, we ran a brand workshop to uncover our values, mission, and sense of personality. It was fascinating to get everyone's point on view of how they imagine 'their' 10 Creative, and seeing the commonalities that ran throughout (thankfully more frequent than the differences). What became clear was our individual passion for our roles and collective sense of purpose in how we all contribute to create amazing identities for our clients: those innovative Cambridge start ups who frequently blow us away. It was this sense of exhilaration in our opportunity to work with the world's elite, plus our deep-rooted belief in doing the right thing that we were keen to bring to the fore in the design of the brand itself.

Our brand story now revolves around this sense of partnership and difference we believe we can make to the amazing innovative startups and scale-ups we adore working with. We are focused on what we do as a team, the quality of our work and our desire to make a difference.

Slight brand design refresh

Our branding refresh consists of an updated logo and visual language based on geometric shapes - the foundational building blocks behind all good visuals!

10 Creative logo refresh

We made the 10 slimmer and more refined, making it more professional and clean.
We then introduced the word 'Creative' to our primary logo so when the logo is seen out of context people know who we are. The icon alone still works, but becomes the secondary logo.

New brand colours

Our brand is black and white, allowing our client work to shine. It also represents everything we do - black and white and everything in between.

Tamsin 1 Jordan 2 10 Creative team image - casual

We had some team photos taken by Malgo in our favourite coffee shop Espresso Library - thankfully next to our studio.

Website re-build

Our website was re-designed and re-built from the ground up and took its lead from our new brand strategy. We took a lot of time focusing on getting the design perfect, implementing just enough symbolic meaning, and making the website insanely performant.

The need for speed

All of our websites are built to be super lightweight and extremely fast - important for accessibility and SEO reasons. We spent a lot of time optimising this new site and every page should load in around or under 500ms, yes, 0.5s. And most of that time is spent connecting to the server, not actually downloading content! Here are some of the ways we did it:

Optimise all of the images - Every image on this site is rendered in 4 or 5 different sizes and your browser is deciding which size is best for your device. So if you are on a phone you will be delivered a far smaller image than if you were looking at the site on a desktop, this is because you don't need an image in desktop size, and you are most likely using a mobile network with slower speeds than broadband.

Defer loading things until later (lazyloading) - Most images on this website are lazyloaded, meaning your browser will not request and load the image until you scroll down to it. This saves bandwidth and makes the website a lot faster because it only loads what it needs.

Use a pre-loading trick to make the site seem blazing fast - All links on this site use a pre-loading trick, so when you hover a link your browser will start loading the next page before even clicking the link. On average a user hovers a button for about 200-300ms before clicking, if our next page loads in 500ms then that's a perceived speed increase of 40-60% which is huge!

Welcome to the new 10 Creative. Stick around and see what awesome things we create.