Meet Ollie Scognamiglio

Our Founder & Creative Director

Hi, I'm Ollie, the founder and Creative Director at 10 Creative.

I simply love helping innovative startups become amazing brands.

I am proud to have moved to Cambridge in 2012 to raise a family. Marian and I have three awesome kids, and we are here to stay. I really have found my feet, and I feel very much at home.

Not only that but my extra-ordinary team are here – the business has grown 7-fold and it is thriving. Onwards and upwards!

In my opinion, the top 3 things which make a great team are:
Relaxed leadership and office vibe.
Only hiring people better than you at that thing.
Ensuring that everyone gets on well.

My favourite thing about Cambridge is the extremely high standard of thought leadership and intellectuals. I love the fact a true genius is always at the next table. More than anything I love the amazing clients that come our way. Put simply, we work with the cleverest people on the planet. I am humbled and in awe, and I love it!

If I could swap places with anybody in the world, for one day - it would be Trump, because I would resign, or David Attenborough so I could be awesome for just one day.

My all-time favourite quote/ saying is "Onwards and upwards".

When I am not working, you'll find me with my kids usually in the garden.

The best concert I ever attended was Radiohead, Glastonbury 1997.

The person that inspires me the most is my oldest son, Harry - who will try anything and is awesome at most things. He takes life in his stride and I love that.

The top 3 things on my bucket list are

1. Running the Cornish coastal path.
Cycling across Europe.
Swimming across a (very small!) lake.

My favourite day out within 60 miles of Cambridge is North Norfolk - Holkham Beach and woods. It reminds me of where I grew up (Formby woods and beach). Pure relaxation.

Every single day I wish I could be home sooner to spend time with the kids, knowing that I have made a difference in this most amazing and inspiring of cities.

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