June 12, 2017

Meet the team - Jordan Mann

Introducing Jordan Mann, front end developer at 10 Creative.

Interview by Joshua Jones
Read on to learn about Jordan and what makes a great team.

JJ: Can you describe what you do at 10 Creative.
JM: “I am the front end developer, this means I code all of the websites that Ollie and Josh design and make the designs work for the web. I love the process of starting with a blank document to ending up with a fully-fledged website that comes to life right before my eyes - it’s very rewarding to see my code work, and work well.”

JJ: What do you most enjoy about work at 10 Creative?
JM: “Getting involved with the creative process is awesome here. I have learnt I too am a creative person (strange I know considering I am the coder). I love how we all come together to talk about certain elements of the design process, having different viewpoints for the right reasons, and making sure the output is the best it can be for our clients.”

JJ: What do you think makes a great team?
JM: “I think a great team is a team that can come together to discuss work and come up with constructive criticism to help each other out. The team should also have fun together in and out of work, but at the same time should know when to focus. Friday afternoons are great - deadlines are looming, our focus improves with loud music, while the smell of beer through the Tram Shed windows entices us to the pub - it makes us all work at double speed.”

JJ: What’s your favourite thing about Cambridge?
JM: “Cambridge is absolutely awesome. It’s filled to the brim with extremely smart interesting people, and there are many great pubs to hang out with those people. I love how international Cambridge is too. You can find people here who have lived in all parts of the world. The tech scene in Cambridge is also pretty cool considering my love for all things tech, and seeing all the new interesting startups pop up around here is truly awesome. Amazingly we get to work with some of the best. Honoured.” 

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