June 12, 2017

Meet the team - Joshua Jones

Introducing Joshua Jones, Illustrator and Account Manager at 10 Creative.

Interview by Joshua Jones
Read on to learn about Account management and what makes Cambridge the best place in the world.

JJ: Is this weird for you too?
JJ: “I think you know it is, but you’re running the blog so get on with it.”

JJ: Can you describe what you do at 10 Creative?
JJ: “I have two main responsibilities at 10 Creative. Firstly I get to go out and meet new clients, I get to talk to some of the smartest people in the world about how they’re changing the world we live in. Secondly I get to make cool illustrations to help communicate these world changing ideas.”

JJ: What do you most enjoy about work at 10 Creative?
JJ: “I guess the ability to combine my two great passions of learning and drawing, and getting the opportunity to work with companies on the bleeding edge of tech. Also tech startups generally have free beer, that doesn’t hurt.”

JJ: What do you think makes a successful business client relationship?
JJ: “So putting my account manager hat on for a second, I’d say communication. By which I definitely don’t mean just sending hundreds of emails. I try to meet with clients as often as possible in the early stages of a project. This builds trust in us as a company, and our process. But also allows me to learn as much as possible about our client's product or service early on. This makes a huge difference to our offerings as designers because it allows us to take part as informed collaborators rather than “just designers”.”

JJ: What’s your favourite thing about Cambridge?
JJ: “I’ve spent more of my life in Cambridge than anywhere else. Despite my familiarity it’s a city that still surprises and delights me almost everyday. I love that even though Cambridge is an internationally renowned city and a powerhouse tech cluster, it’s also a quirky city of cyclists, local breweries and coffee shops (shout out to hidden gems Calverley's Brewery & Rubiaceae Coffee). Cambridge in my opinion remains the best kind of small - it’s just a great and welcoming city to live in.” 

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Joshua Jones

Illustrator & Account Manager

: Mac Demarco or internet rap.
: Third-wave coffee, burritos, cycling, podcasts, startups, drawing at every opportunity.