June 12, 2017

Meet the team - Ollie Scognamiglio

Introducing Ollie Scognamiglio, founder and lead designer of 10 Creative.

Interview by Joshua Jones
Read on to learn about leadership, friendship, and what makes Cambridge a special city to live in.

JJ: Can you describe what you do at 10 Creative.
OS: “I am the Founder and Senior Designer, very much hands-on in helping clients achieve their ultimate goal.”

JJ: What do you most enjoy about work at 10 Creative?
OS: “Branding is my main love (after my family of course), and therefore working with start-ups is probably my favourite part. This is where we see a huge return on investment in our time, helping great ideas flourish. Client handling is very important to me, and understanding exactly the reason why a company is different is essential in building their brand to reach new heights.”

JJ: We work with a lot of founders and CEOs, in your eyes what makes a great leader?
OS: “Empathy is probably the most important trait I have learnt to be beneficial. Obviously there are some occasions where in retrospect I may not have done things a certain way, but to learn why it was done and understand reason is far more important, at which point I can offer advice about how to take things further in that direction: enhance, not amend; build, not destroy. I have learnt so much by listening to my team, and not dictating.”

JJ: What do you most value in a friendship?
OS: “Utter trust. Without trust there is no true friendship. We all have to trust each other to be the best we can be, and any shortfall needs to be accepted as who they are. The world is made up of all sorts and this is what makes it the best planet I have ever lived on.”

JJ: What’s your favourite thing about Cambridge?
OS: “I love so much about Cambridge. My wife and I actually toured the UK deciding where would be the best place to bring up our new family, so Cambridge came out on top for a few reasons. The villages around where we live are very safe, the schools are phenomenal, the city is vibrant and not too big, and yet there are always surprises around every corner. New favourite pubs are discovered pretty regularly, and the biking between them is pretty awesome. But my new favourite thing about Cambridge is the incredible passion from the tech start-ups we keep discovering. So many great ideas, and we feel humbled that we are working with some of these technological world-leaders.” 

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