July 04, 2017

We startups

Why we love to work with them, and grow with them

At 10 Creative we don’t exclusively work with startups but we do have a soft spot for innovators.
Here are our top 10 favourite things about working with startups.

01We Learning…
Being right where the action is the best way to learn. We get involved with vast amounts of research and deep-dive into our customer’s product or service. We carry out targeted key area market research to find out the best avenues to take a startup to market.

02We Branding…
One of the reasons we truly adore working with startups is working with a clean slate. There is nothing better than creating a new brand that exceeds the brief, and attracts the target market with a quick glance.

03We Teaching…
Once we have fully understood a startup, it is our job to let others know as simply and clearly as possible. Efficiency is key - but identifying those core USPs and how to get that across to market is the fun bit.

04We Passion…
There’s nothing quite as contagious as passion (well nothing that’s good for you anyway!). Working with startups means working with people who are passionate about their work. We are also passionate about what we can do for startups.

05We Disruptive Ideas…
“Think Different” - Chiat/Day for Apple inc.
Some ideas level the playing field, and change everyone's lives. The egalitarian effects of disruptive technology or ideas are fantastic. We side with the scrappy underdog, the early adopter and the disruptor.

06We Graft…
We always work smart but we never shy away from working hard. We get the best out of our team, which often means long hours and hard graft. If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. We pour ourselves 100% into startups. So when we collaborate with clients it’s on something that's worth working hard for, something that we know is going to make a difference.

07We Innovation…
We take smart risks, and re-conceptualise issues to discover practical solutions to hard problems. Innovation from our startups deserves innovation from us.

08We Being Adaptable…
We love it when a plan comes together, but when your business plan falls apart, or the most amazing new opportunity lands on your laps, being adaptable is key. We help you react quickly enough to land on your feet. We pride ourselves on being a small lean adaptable team.

09We Teamwork…
We try to work with our clients, and not for our clients. We strike up partnerships to help each other succeed, be that at the research phase, or delivering marketing assets for on-going campaigns. Together, stronger.

10We Making the world a better place…
“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” - Steve Jobs
We want to make a difference by helping some of the world’s great ideas become a reality. We only live once, so let’s make a difference together.

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