Alloy Therapeutics

Capturing the essence of a dynamic company

Alloy Therapeutics (Alloy Tx) is a biotech company democratizing access to drug discovery platforms and services. They came to us to help align their brand more fully with their values and ambition. After a series of discussions and brand audit we realised that the challenge for Alloy Tx was to build on the foundations of the existing brand but also allowing wider growth.

We built a brand mission with a modular element, capable of connecting with the different audiences and focusing on different elements of the Alloy Tx business offering without losing consistency. The identity brings to life dynamic, responsive drug discovery, a concept we named Expert Fluidity. This encapsulates Alloy Tx’s ability to merge exceptional scientific expertise and capability with fluid and dynamic thinking to create solutions that are world-class.

Alloy Therapeutics logo black RGB

The visual language was inspired by fluid dynamics, the science of understanding and modeling fluid motion. Using a visual language inspired by this kind of vector field, we could employ elements of the Alloy icon to show fluidity without it feeling unreliable or non-scientific. We developed a pictogram style that created brand cohesion with subtle visual cues: the gap in the logo is replicated in the pictograms. This helps tie the brand together and distinguishes it from other brands.

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Our colour system builds from Alloy Tx's core commitment to working with others to achieve more for humanity: just as an alloy itself fuses elements together. We developed a system that either bonded together two block colours side by side or comingle them into a gradient to represent the fusion of two elements. Thanks to Alloy Tx, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Just as our brand mission has modularity built in to maximise connection to required audiences so does our colour system. The most vibrant gradients are used for recruitment, the open white-based exceptionalism for a scientific community and the darker greys to connect to the investor community.

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