Revolutionary power over cancer

When we were introduced to the phenomenal team at Angiex, they already had a truly world-changing mission, to develop first-in-class Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs) to address the hallmarks of cancer lethality. They asked us to help them convey the importance of their revolutionary work, and to portray the specific methods of action, to a wide audience. We aligned with their key stakeholders to understand the underlying needs, identify the gaps in their vision, and build a strong foundational narrative for the long-term trajectory of the business.

We created a new, modern brand to reflect their mission, and the enormous potential in the fight against cancer. The verbal identity needed to have a strong backbone as a clear narrative was required to run throughout the various touch-points of the brand, from the top level messaging to their core technical offering. The visual language needed to be similarly robust to handle the multiple levels of outreach.

Artboard 1 Artboard 9 2x Artboard 24 2x Artboard 29 2x Artboard 30 2x Artboard 28 2x

We launched their new brand in stages. This allowed us to go live with the brand and a new website quickly, but take time over the more complex illustration to represent their work. We designed the style of the illustration to be familiar to most non-technical audiences, inspired by traditional science text books with a modern twist.

Artboard 29 2x Artboard 30 2 2x

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