Mastering the antibody universe

Antiverse came to us with a new and unique interdisciplinary approach to drug discovery, built around their core diverse team of structural biologists, machine learning and wet lab experts. But they needed help capturing their brand story, and importantly the scale of possibilities that Antiverse enables.

We developed an identity to showcase that they are engineering the future of antibody drug development to change the course of people's lives. This needed to feel exciting and optimistic, while also conveying at its heart absolute expertise in their field.

Artboard 26 2x

Primarily we stripped back the company story to its most basic elements and then built the identity on those pillars.

Artboard 23 2x Artboard 29 2x
Universe illustration

We then zoomed out to create a sense of scale of data for the antibody universe, which had to be at once both macro and micro.

Artboard 27 2x Illustration 3 Artboard 6 2x Artboard 43 2x

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