Striking the perfect balance between tech and healthcare

Cyted builds digital diagnostic infrastructure to revolutionise the early detection of disease. Their founder approached us to develop the brand in line with an ambitious plan for growth. After an interactive brand immersion, it became clear that the crucial challenge was to balance Cyted's cutting edge technological capability with their healthcare expertise, particularly their deeply held commitment to patients, and, at the same time, create a brand that was trustworthy to the core. The evolved brand identity focuses on the concept of a network, true both to Cyted's unique diagnostic infrastructure as well as the deep learning that powers it.

Cyted logo

The clean simplicity and elegant lines capture the expertise and utility that sit at the heart of the brand, whilst the tilted angles express the dynamism and pioneering nature of the product. The colour palette is born from the blue spectrum to transmit trust, with darker shades expressing rock-solid capability alongside bright tones that capture the brand's innovative aspects. Typography is Messina Sans that feels reassuring and authoritative but also distinctive. The gradients are driven by the same underlying balance of healthcare and tech: the vibrant abstract gradients take inspiration from organic heat maps but also represent the networked interaction of differing elements.

We're using gradients in the Cyted brand imagery to capture a core idea about the Cyted offering. "a complex interconnected network that grows and changes over time". We feel like this is a strong concept because it can apply to both the healthcare system improvement offering at a macro level and also as a metaphor for the AI triage decisions being made within the Cyted managed workflow.

Cyted help to improve currently inefficient often geographically sparse workflows with the introduction of cutting edge technology. In this metaphor, the gradient represents the network, where different areas are activating and deactivating to most effectively support the user needs.

Within the Cyted managed workflow, we wanted a way to show artificial intelligence processing many factors at speed to support users. We wanted to show this without any tired metaphors, or over-focusing on AI as an element. Therefore we felt these gradients could be used for both applications, bringing a unified feel to the Marco and Microelements of Cyted'd offering.

Overall the identity strikes the necessary and delicate balance between healthcare and tech to tell the story of a brand that is dedicated to unleashing the power of modern tech for one purpose alone: changing patients' lives.

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