Deeptech Labs

Packaging the catalyst for deeptech success

Deeptech Labs is a game-changing accelerator co-founded by Arm, Cambridge Innovation Capital, Martlet Capital, and the University of Cambridge – institutions truly at the heart of the Cambridge and global technology ecosystems. When we first met, the vision was there - to turn deeptech startups into truly world-changing businesses. But DTL needed help to capture the right look and feel to fully convey such an amazing vision. We knew we needed to build the brand with deeptech expertise at its core - and wanted the feel of complexity, with an elegantly simple execution. We refined their identity to emphasise the scope and potential impact of the accelerator.

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The structure of their program allows the impossible to take shape - and it's this metaphor that represents the unique challenges that every deeptech startup face.

We expanded the brand's polytope icon into a visual language to highlight the depth of the Deeptech Labs offering, the phenomenal experience of the DTL network and importance of their program to the future of tech. Nothing is impossible.

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