Capturing the core of positioning

FocalPoint is a positioning company transforming the capability of GPS systems worldwide. We met them at a crucial moment in their growth as they shed their start up culture and scaled into a higher gear. We needed to create a brand that did justice to their revolutionary technology but also reinforced their commercial capability.

FocalPoint logo animated

We spent time with the team at FocalPoint, getting under the skin of their tech and audiences. This led to the creation of our brand identity that builds from the mathematical modelling that sits at the heart of their supercorrelation technology. We noticed a glorious serendipity between the crucial phi symbol and the dots, lines and wave forms that are the fundamentals of signal processing imagery. The branding thus interprets the phi symbol to form an iconic, instantly recognisable shape that FocalPoint can own and take ownership of the positioning category in the process.

FocalPoint business cards FocalPoint brand guidlines brochure
FocalPoint brand guidlines colour page

We chose a mono-linear geometric sans-serif font that has the familiarity of Helvetica but with a very strong style. The ‘g’ and ‘t’ are also wonderfully reminiscent of street corners. Our colour palette builds from blue, which represents trust across all cultures globally, but scales towards the darker end of the spectrum to capture the brand's discipline, restraint and focus. In photography we use strong images with a grandeur of scale that shows the importance of the problem solved by FocalPoint.

FocalPoint city photo

The visual language we created intensifies the power and impact of the FocalPoint products and is flexible enough to be used across all channels from tech storytelling to interior design.

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