Capturing the world's biodiversity in a logo

It is not hyperbole to say that the Integrated Biodiversity Assessment Tool (IBAT) is an organisation vital to the future of our planet. IBAT integrates three of the world’s authoritative biodiversity datasets to create one up-to data source for biodiversity: knowledge that is key to addressing biodiversity loss. Used by clients such as the World Bank, Rio Tinto and the US Army, we were honoured when the team came to us: they needed a brand that lived up to this extraordinary data tool and set global expectations accordingly.

IBAT forest with logo

We created a brand that has biodiversity at the heart of its visual language and storytelling. The bold font is strong and determined but negative space represents the fragility and disappearance of species. The logo is designed around the idea of fragile ecosystems co-existing in a way that demonstrates their symbiotic relationship: take one away and the other will perish. By placing this mission at the heart of the brand we allowed IBAT to take ownership of the entire space of biodiversity.

IBAT postcards IBAT Roller banners web

The image system we created embeds IBAT’s mission of using data to illuminate the world’s environments. On glorious full-bleed photos we detail precisely the location and status of the sight or species, expressing the brand’s knowledge and insight into all biodiversity across the globe.

IBAT 2019 annual report IBAT Coasters IBAT Pencil

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