Encapsulating the truth of quantum

Riverlane brand meaning diagram

Riverlane is a company pioneering quantum computing software. When Steve Brierley (founder) came to us he was in the early stages of starting Riverlane. He wanted a brand that stood apart from the hype of the category yet still captured the intense power of Riverlane’s extraordinary solutions. Through our initial brand workshop, we established the only way to achieve this ambition was to build the brand on absolute truth: so we immediately set ourselves the task of attempting to understand quantum computing.

After a deep dive into the research with the team at Riverlane, we realised the brand identity must somehow capture the tangible / intangible, certain / uncertain reality of quantum probability.

We built a brand mission for Riverlane that captured their unique capability: peerless intellectual ability laser focused on pragmatic delivery.

The mission

Make concrete the powerful potential
of quantum computing to create tools that help humanity

Riverlane poster strip

A key driver of our approach was to express the fact that Riverlane is laser focused on technology that has strong application. This led to a black and white, minimal aesthetic and the wordmark that encapsulates raw tangible units in a way that is comprehensible by humanity. We then fused this pared down sensibility with a colour system that represents the superposition, that unstable and unfixed quantum state. This interweaving of colour gradient and minimalistic restraint creates a brand that does justice to the power of quantum as well as conveying Riverlane’s practical sensibility.

Riverlane icons

We spent time with the entire team at Riverlane to take them along on the design journey. We then worked to roll the brand language throughout graphics and diagrams so that the brand is visible across every aspect of the brand’s communications. All these elements combine into a brand that captures the elusive building blocks of the universe whilst simultaneously being hyper minimal and strikingly beautiful.

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