Start Codon

Crystallizing deep tech research into identity

Start Codon translates groundbreaking healthcare innovations into successful companies. They came to us with a name and the ambition to be a new type of accelerator: revolutionising the way innovation happens in Cambridge.

Startcodon methionine diagram

The start codon is the first of the fundamental building blocks that make up DNA: a powerful metaphor for the objectives of the company. We took this concept and built a logo that works on multiple levels: for a scientific audience who will recognise it as an abstraction of Uracil one of the sections of the start codon. To the wider audience it represents interconnectivity and mutual support within the scientific community, which benefits all the members of the community.

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We wanted the branding to encapsulate the brand’s modern, energised and laser focused personality. Typography is simple, modern, and symbolises a mix of human and machine. Lowercase is modern, friendly and approachable and the colour system is on-trend in the target markets, both in the investment and the life-science / healthcare industries.

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