Branding the future of vaccines

VaxEquity is a new biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing saRNA vaccines for life-threatening diseases. They are working alongside the social enterprise VacEquity Global Health in its pursuit of a vaccine candidate for SARS-CoV-2. They came to us with an urgent challenge during the pandemic: they wanted to create a best in class brand, which had to be launched alongside VacEquity Global Health. We were utterly honoured to help.

VaxEquity logo build

Following an intense brand strategy workshop, we identified the two key strands in the VaxEquity story: the crucial benefit of saRNA vaccines, found in their ability to be created and produced rapidly, and the egalitarian zeal that drives the founding team. Our brand identity coalesces both elements of this core commitment into a single, compelling form.

VaxEquity logo colours

Typography was chosen for its professional yet human feel, and the colour palette stems from darker tones that communicate trust, expertise and capability, but is then woven through with vivid highlights in a visual language that expresses the agile modernity of the brand.

Vxt screen mockup VXT card mockup
VaxEquity icon animation
Vax Equity roll up banner

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