Doing justice to the most necessary of causes

Peter Templeton approached us to help in the creation of the William Templeton Foundation for Young People’s Mental Health (YPMH) in memory of his son. This charity works to join up the myriad of stakeholders associated with mental health, from identification through diagnosis and treatment to prevention so that they provide better outcomes. We needed to create an identity for this brand that could carry such a richly intricate and important narrative.

The easy answer would have been to fight the complexity but we decided to embrace it. We built the multitudinous audiences, not just into the brand, but into the logo itself. Each element in the logo is designed to personify one of the varied stakeholders, who then all ebb and flow before finally coalescing into a single identity. This provides a visual metaphor for the role all these aspects play in the lives of each individual suffering from mental health issues whilst also suggesting the calm, strong and coherent identity that could result from them working more closely together.

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