Elevating the essentials

Aluma is a company specialising in document automation. They came to us at a significant moment in their development as they wanted to merge two brands under a new name. It was essential to create a fresh identity that accelerated their appeal to new customers without losing any connection to current ones. Midway through our design journey, there was a name-change but our process was able to absorb this curveball with no loss of momentum due to the fundamentals of strategy being deeply in place.

After spending time with the team we realised that everything in their arsenal, from cutting edge techniques to deep knowledge of the space, was deployed to make effortlessly effective software. Our design was born to do justice to this hyper-focus on the end-user: creating an identity that steps out of the way to allow a flawless functionality to emerge. Our wordmark takes as its starting point the iconography of documents, we add depth to this story by the fact that, when rotated, the icon is a histogram which denotes the ability of Aluma to find significant data from any sources.

Aluma logo
Optical illusion

Our visual language is designed to convey that more is possible with Aluma than would be achieved with previous solutions. To illustrate the way these insights are reached, we wanted to show the effortless splitting of valuable insights from non-valuable background noise. We used multiple perspective optical illusions, where depending on your perspective, you parse a shape differently, showing a world where more is possible than the physical world.

Insights are visually represented by highlighting sections of the optical illusions. The mint colour on vivid blue backgrounds creates an effect of glowing light. Hence the metaphor of illuminating insights form a world of new possibilities.

Aluma illustration
Thin spacer

For the website, we created a flexible multi-level visual language which is designed to guide the user from initial exploration of the website, through to understanding and subsequently becoming a user of the Aluma platform. We did this by keeping the visual language firmly anchored to a set of simple yet useful mental models that describe what is happening in each of the functions of the platform. The animations on the homepage, relate directly to the website navigation, and web illustrations, which in turn inform the icon sets, and user interface iconography. The web design was designed to work cohesively across a huge amount of content including a variety of sections like the Resources section, tailored Contact forms throughout the site and many use cases. The user is guided through this experience by the three tiers of icons and graphics throughout the site.

Aluma pictograms 2 Aluma pictograms round
Aluma hero Aluma banner

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